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Promo Thermo Mat.
Promo Thermo Mat can be used more easily.
Compact size Promo Thermo Pad.



Easy cooling measures

High-purity black silica is blended into the fibers while maintaining the effects of the Promotherm Mat. The comfortable warmth prevents chills and supports the health of people and pets.

It is lightweight and compact, measuring 15 cm x 30 cm and weighing 40 g. It is a convenient piece that can be used in various ways depending on your ideas, such as by placing it between your body and clothes, or by pinpointing areas of concern.

※Warmth may vary from person to person and from individual to individual.

※Illustrations and photographs are for illustrative purposes only.


  • Made in Japan for safety, security and high quality
  • For air conditioning in summer and winter protection
  • From small children to elderly people and pets
  • Long time useOK
  • Suitable for a variety of leisure activities


Compact size and easy to carry.

Compact size fits anywhere

Lightweight and compact size that won't get in the way when added to luggage, it is recommended for leisure activities such as athletic meets, outdoor activities, and sports games!
It is also perfect for traveling, driving, and other outings.


Gentle to the touch.

Soft texture and excellent stretchability

The piping portion is made of NOBILUZA™, a special fabric that is soft against the skin. As the name suggests, this fabric is stretchable and smooth to the touch.

NOBILUZA™ is a registered trademark of Atago, Inc.


Supports daily vitality reliable quality.

Safe and easy cooling measures

There is no need to worry about low-temperature burns even if the same area is heated for a long time, so everyone from small children to the elderly and pets can use the product with peace of mind.
It can be used to warm specific areas such as the neck, shoulders, abdomen, waist, and buttocks with pinpoint accuracy, making it an easy way to combat coldness.


Promo Thermo Pad
Black Silica

13,200 yen with Tax

Body Color
olive green
Body size
outer material of a garment
100% polyester
(water-repellent, oil-repellent, stain- and stain-resistant, antistatic finish)
Urethane foam
(Black Silica Mixture)
100% polyester
(Anti-static processing)