Flow down
eye fatigue

The effect of Promo Thermomat remains the same,
Stylish and compact eye mask.
High purity black silica promotes blood circulation,
and supports decomposition and metabolism of fatigue substances.



Just by putting it on
Refresh your eyes

As with the Promotherm mat, high purity black silica is blended into the fibers.It warms the eye area gradually without using electricity or steam, and leads the user into a relaxing mode.

This eye mask is for “comfortable rest” after long hours at a desk or driving, when traveling by airplane, etc., or when going to sleep.
Comes with an original pouch for easy carrying.

※Warmth may vary from person to person and from individual to individual.

※Illustrations and photographs are for illustrative purposes only.


  • Eyes are tired from desk work or studying
  • Dry eyes.
  • Dark circles and dullness around the eyes
  • I want to use it quickly when I want to use it.
  • My ears hurt when I wear it for a long time.


Promotes blood circulation around the eyes

Time for relaxation for eyes that are often overworked

Promo Thermo Eyes gently warms the eye area, promotes blood circulation, and can be expected to improve dry eyes, eyestrain, and dark circles. It brings pleasant refreshment to eyes tired from busy daily life.


Can be used repeatedly for repeated use

Long-lasting, eco-friendly eye mask

Because black silica is kneaded into the fabric, the far-infrared ray effect is maintained even after washing. Unlike disposable hot eye masks, it can be used semi-permanently and is environmentally friendly.

  • Drying in the sun twice a month in good weather will make the effect last longer.
  • Do not use chlorine-based detergents, bleach, or fabric softeners.
  • Hand wash in cold or lukewarm water; do not use a washing machine.
  • Avoid direct drying in a dryer or on a stove.


Economical to wear

Skin-friendly, freely adjustable for a comfortable fit

The piping and ear straps are made of NOBILUZA™, a special fabric that is soft against the skin.
The ear straps can be slid to adjust the fit to your preference.

NOBILUZA™ is a registered trademark of Atago, Inc.


Promo Thermo Eyes Black Silica
Premium Eye Mask
(with original pouch)

24,200 yen with Tax

Body Color
olive green
Body size
(not including ear strings)
outer material of a garment
100% polyester
(water-repellent, oil-repellent, stain- and stain-resistant, antistatic finish)
Urethane foam
(Black Silica Mixture)
100% polyester
(Anti-static processing)