[ About Order ]

To order online, please visit the official PROMO THERMO Amazon store.

Will a delivery note be included with the package?
For items shipped by, a shipping invoice will be included instead of a delivery note.
Do you have gift wrapping?
Paid gift wrapping options are available on Amazon.
Can I return or negotiate?
As a general rule, Amazon will accept returns or exchanges within 30 days of receipt.
Please see Amazon's Help and Customer Service page for return and exchange terms and instructions.

[ About Shipping ]

Can you ship overseas? products sold by jp, if international shipping can be selected as a shipping option, the product can be shipped to a specific country or region.
Available products and shipping charges vary depending on the delivery address.
Please check Amazon's Help and Customer Service page for more information.
Can I specify a shipping carrier?
We apologize, but you can't specify a shipping carrier.
Can I specify a delivery date and time?
Delivery date and time can be specified by Amazon.
*Non-member of Amazon Prime may have to pay.
How much is the shipping cost?
If you order items shipped by with "Standard Shipping" or "Standard Shipping (pickup spot)", shipping is free if your order total is 3,500 yen or more. Amazon Prime and Prime Student members receive free shipping regardless of shipping options.
How many days will it take to receive the order?
Delivery will be made within 10 days from the date of order.
*We will inform you of the year-end, New Year's, and summer vacations separately.

[About Black Silica Products(PROMO THERMO MAT・PAD・EYES) ]

Is it washable?
Can be washed by hand. Please do not use chlorine bleach or fabric softener. After washing, dry in the sun to absorb the sun's energy and maintain the effect.
Does it have the use-by date?
No use-by date. The far-infrared ray effect of black silica is semi-permanent. Dry in the sun twice a month in good weather. However, please refrain from using the product if the urethane inside is exposed due to fabric deterioration or tearing, or if it is inconvenient to use.
Can I put towels, sheets, or covers over them?
Hanging them thin does not change the effectiveness of the product. However, it will not be as effective as it should be if placed under a thick blanket, mattress, or futon.
Can it be used in summer?
Black silica products are not heating devices that generate heat themselves. This product maintains normal body temperature and supports the management of physical condition. In summer, use it as a countermeasure against chills from air conditioning (especially on legs and abdomen).
Are there any side effects?
Black silica products do not cause burns, skin dryness, or sudden changes in body temperature because the products themselves are not heating or medical devices that generate heat. No side effects or accidents have been reported with this product.
It does not feel warm to use.
Black silica products do not generate heat themselves, but absorb and store body heat and environmental energy such as the sun, and radiate it as far-infrared radiation. Therefore, those with a high basal body temperature or good circulation may not feel warmth.
The smell is bothering me.
Depending on the product, the smell of urethane or the adhesive used to attach the fabrics together may remain. Those smels can be reduced by leaving them in a well-ventilated area for a while. If you are still bothered about it, wash it once and dry it in the sun before use.
My dog or cat will not get on the PROMO THERMO MAT (for pets).
A wary pup may avoid unfamiliar objects or new surroundings. Gradually acclimate them to the mat by placing a towel or blanket that you normally use on top of the mat.


Does it have the use-by date?
It is printed on the label and package. Please use the product as soon as possible after opening, regardless of the expiration date. If the inside of the spray dries out, the ingredients may crystallize and clog the spray (nozzle).
Can I use it on my dog or cat undergoing dental treatment?
Please consult your veterinarian.
Will PROMO THRMO DENT'z cure periodontal disease or cavities?
This product is not a medicine and has no effect on the treatment of periodontal disease or tooth decay. Use as preventive care before periodontal disease or tooth decay or after treatment.
My dog or cat won't open its mouth.
For dogs and cats that are not used to dental care or having their mouths touched, start by training them to let you touch their mouths, and gradually get them used to you putting your fingers into their teeth and gums. The trick is to entertain and reassure them with rewards and skinship at each stage.
Can it be used for people?
This product is for use with dogs and cats. It does not contain ingredients that are harmful to the human mouth, but should not be used on humans for hygienic reasons.